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Today’s environmental and social issues are something that we care deeply about.

We are forced to ask ourselves – where would our region be today without its particular micro-climates and its complex soil structure? But equally without its people and their knowhow?

This patchwork of different terroirs, where for generations men and women have sought to work the best plots of land to fully express the character of the area, depend on a fragile and delicate balance.

As has now become clear, changes to the climate in the region (as in the rest of the world) are now affecting this balance. Add to this further intensive agricultural practice, and we start to see a worrying picture of what the future may hold.

And yet there are a number of reasons to remain optimistic….

An increasing number of producers in Provence and on the Côte d’Azur are pushing forward with innovative new techniques of environmental protection as well as preserving, or in some cases returning to, traditional and ancestral methods.
These are the producers that we would like you to come and meet….

These vineyard owners and winemakers are indeed the Pride of Provence. As a result of their talents, their attention to detail and dedication to quality, they help preserve and promote the very authenticity of this local identity – thereby protecting our landscapes, villages and way of life.

Our Own Choices

Even in our own small way, we believe that we can have a positive impact on the continued sustainability of the region and notably in supporting the local wine industry – and this by our actions:

• Calculating and off-setting our carbon footprint
• Selecting and preferring vineyards that positively support the environment – organic (Bio), high environmental added value (HVE), biodynamic and so on…
• Choice of restaurants and suppliers that support local food producers and sustainable agriculture
• Equitable remuneration of suppliers and partners
• Staff retention, training and development – especially in sustainability issues
• Supporting local initiatives in social and economic development – notably around employment, waste and pollution reduction, recycling, etc.

Aim and Services

Come and learn about the unbreakable bond between the land and the wine
Over the course of our day together, the AZUR WINE TOURS team will seek to share their passion for provençal wines.

Discovering the Côtes de Provence is ...

• Learning about the local history and terroir.
• Understanding some simple wine making principles.
• Insight into the French appellation system.
• Visiting different types of wineries
• Wine tasting
• Beautiful and dramatic landscapes

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