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La vie
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Rosé has now, indeed, become a worldwide phenomenon. In some countries is has become “The Drink” of the summer. Rosé has quickly gone from being considered by some as a simple aperitif or party wine, to a serious wine for drinking with a meal and on other occasions.

The truth is that here in Provence, the spiritual and ancestral home of Rosé – it has always fulfilled many functions. It is deep in the DNA of Rosé to be part of the pleasures of life – an integral part of provençal living in fact. It is a reflection of the place of its creation – the clear bright colours, the sunlight, the landscapes, the summer heat, the olive groves and vines, and of course the Mediterranean Sea with its many hues and cooling influence.

This environment, so filled with beauty, is somehow present in each glass of Rosé to which it gives birth…

Rosé is also written throughout local history

The vineyards of Provence were some of the very first to be planted in what is modern-day France – brought by invaders and settlers from the eastern Mediterranean - the Greeks and then the Romans, starting from the 8th Century BC. Nikaia – modern-day Nice - was a Greek settlement. We know from archaeological evidence that St Romaine de Bellet, on the hilltop above Nice, was already a significant Roman vineyard some 2,600 years ago.

The Red wines of Roman times, made of course with black grape varietals, were not the same as the Red wines of today. The skins were only left in contact with the juice for the time that it took to press the grapes – so only a small amount of the colour leeched from the dark skins – and hence “Rosé” was born.
A wine that is generally paler in colour and certainly lighter in the tannins and body that we associate with Red wine today.

Rosé has - quite simply and naturally - become part and parcel of life in Provence…

Today, after 2,600 years of experience and experimentation with temperatures, vinification techniques and grape varietals, the winemakers of Provence and the Riviera have become the masters of the art of making this wine that is so instantly recognisable by being both dry and yet fruity, crisp and bright, and of those varying hues of such delicate colour.

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