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English Wine Tasting Tours

If you are thinking about a wine tour around some of the exciting, and award-winning vineyards of Southern England then we can recommend a day out with Justin and the team at English Wine Tasting Tours.

They operate to the same ethos and high standards as we do.... 😊

Just different views and different grapes, but great experiences too!

website : https://www.englishwinetastingtours.co.uk

Domaine du Jas d’Esclans
Jas de l'Esclans
Preserved in nature, this estate has a unique geology. Here the vines, cultivated with passion, are at their very best. The property is located on the slopes of Valley of the Esclans, a few minutes from the beautiful Gorges de Pennafort, and it has always advocated organic farming: a philosophy perpetuated with talent and dedication by its current owners, Matthieu and Gwenaëlle De Wulf.

website : www.jasdesclans.fr

Château Saint-Martin
Château Saint Martin

Château de Saint Martin (Cru Classé since 1955) is a beautiful estate of over 100 hectares, of which some 50 hectares form the actual vineyards, deeply marked by its 2,000 year history. The Romans who cultivated the first vines, left traces of their occupation by way of the ruins of a large Roman Villa. The château then became a priory vineyard, run by the monks from the Abbey of the Ile de Lérins (in the bay of Cannes) who, starting in the 12th century, the built an underground cellar and the stone vats where the wines are still aged today. Since 1740, Château de Saint Martin has been in the same family, and rather fascinatingly, passed down the female line of the family - transmitted from mother to daughter for 10 out of the past 11 generations. This feminine touch, perpetuation by its current custodian, Adeline de Barry, is part of the hallmark of Saint Martin….

website : www.chateaudesaintmartin.com

Château Font du Broc :
Domaine Font de Broc

The history of this remarkable estate begins back in 1851, with the first plantation of fields of vines that today are recognised as some of the most beautiful in Provence. In the old Provençal dialeact the word Font means fountain or source, and a Broc is a pitcher – and this spring water is the promise of fertility for the lands that surround it. Built on a hill top in the Var, right in the heart of the Côtes de Provence appellation, between the Estérel and the Gulf of St Tropez, Font du Broc is a treat for the senses, and filled with the flavours and scents of Provence. Château Font du Broc is the flagship estate of the Massa family, and the property covers over one hundred hectares, where horses, vines and olive groves share this magical place.

website : www.chateau-fontdubroc.com/en/home/

Clos Cassivet

Gerard Delus is one of Provence’s natural winemakers, dedicated to producing wines in the artisanal tradition, and with total respect for nature and the environment. At Clos Cassivet he allows the terroir to fully express itself, and this results in wines with a tremendous delicacy of flavour and aromas. Where wine becomes a form of poety…..

website : www.lecloscassivet.com/

Domaine de la Source – AOP Bellet
Domaine de la Source

At Domaine de la Source, the future of the Bellet is in the hands of the younger generation. A family vineyard on the slopes of the hilltops above Nice that has developed a great reputation, with the third generation of wine makers who have grown and developed the vineyard, whist also preserving its traditions – a handpicked harvest, organic farming and so on, The Bellet is one of the oldest winemaking areas in France and with its combination of a maritime influence from the Mediterranean and altitude bringing mountain breezes, produces some remarkable wines – well deserving of their frequent competition medals.

website : www.domainedelasource.fr/

Domaine Dupuy de Lôme
Domaine Dupuy de l’Ôme

This estate in the Bandol appellation is located in a stunning setting, protected and classified for its natural beauty. Benoit Cossé and Geoffroy Pérouse and their families have brought new life to this vineyard on the hilltops of Sainte Anne d’Evenos, that was first run by the their ancestors in the early years of the 20th century. The remarkable geology and topography of the estate lends itself to producing wines of great finesse and quality, full of the aromas and freshness associated with this small appellation, so appreciated by connoisseurs the world over.

website : www.dupuydelome.com/

Domaine des Feraud
Domaine des Féraud

As he says - “ I was determined to realise my dream of owning a vineyard in Provence, an area for which I have so much passion”, and in achieving this, Markus Conrad has not done things by halves. Together with his wife, Anne-Rose, they have breathed new life into a 100 year-old estate, building a whole new, modern cellar complex of some 3,000 sq ft, whilst at the same time respecting the “old ways of working”, what is now a fully organic vineyard.

website : domainedesferaud.com/