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Erwan has always been passionate about wine and all the stories that it has to tell – and he tells it from the heart

Provence became his home location, and wine his choice of predilection, thanks to the delicacy that he found in the local wines, which at the same time are bursting with flavour and freshness.

After several years organising events in the wine industry and notably in Provence, he observed that there was a greater and greater interest in these wines, from all over the world, and especially in the status and quality of the famous Provence Rosé. He started organising visits and tastings for private individuals as well as companies and from here the idea for Azur Wine Tours – Vidivino was born.

Today, the team at Azur Wine Tours is made up of seven people - who all share that very same passion for wine and Provence, and who bring together expertise and knowledge from each’s own particular journey in wine – and we would love to share that passion with you.

Meet the Azur Wine Tours Team

Principal Guide

As an “old Sommelier”, yet still in possession of his sense of humour, Peter is a very experienced operator, who enjoys life and sharing his store of knowledge and wine tales. Spend a day in his company, and you’ll leave feeling that it really is true - “In Vino Veritas”.


Being a wine professional now for over 15 years, Nanou speaks from the heart about wine, and you cannot help but listen. Wine is a subject that links and connects people – the tastes persist long after the tasting is over – an experience that touches each one of us deeply and endures.

Yannick Lejeune

As a convivial, energetic and spontaneous fellow, Yannick treats his guests to taste in a relaxed and easy way. His journey through the world of wine is extensive – both in the vineyards, but also as a sommelier in some of the best known and highly rated establishments around…


Caring and kind, Danielle is absolutely passionate about the wines of Provence. With a somewhat untypical journey, which seems quite naturally to have ended up in the world of wine, this allows Danielle to share here accumulated knowledge, in a most convivial style.


Jean-Jacques is one of the Côte d’Azur’s top, long-standing, professional tour guides. He’ll open doors in his knowledgeable and convivial way for you, such that you truly get to understand and enjoy Provence, and its wines. A well-known ambassador for our region...

Frederic Duverger

Sharing the emotions that wine creates, and giving you the historical context and insights into a drink that has been with humanity for 5,000 years, is how Frederic sees his mission. As a Sommelier in many of the world’s top establishments – he has had years to hone these skills.

Wine Tours, Tastings, Private or Virtual Events

Mathieu Ruffray

A truly memorable day out, either as a couple or a group of friends. Touring in comfort, come and visit some of the very best Chateaux and Estates in Provence and around the Cote d’Azur.

Clémence Roche

A private tutored tasting of some of the finest wines of Provence, and from around France – with food and wine pairings that will delight your guests and awaken your senses...

Château Saint Martin

Unforgettable events in some of Provence’s most stunning locations – out in the vineyards – by bringing wine, food, entertainment and hospitality – in way that your guests will thank you for, forever.

Emilie Collin

Azur Wine Tours has created some new, virtual experiences that allow you to enjoy the wines of Provence from wherever you are.

Departures from Nice or from Cannes :
Discover the vineyards of Provence and the Cote d’Azur with an expert wine guide.


We can also organize day tours that suit your specific requirements. contact us for your personalised itinerary for private or corporate events.