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Two hours spent in Provence – without leaving home....

You’re going to experience the sights, the smells, the sounds and of course the tastes of Provence... except you won’t actually be here - sorry about that bit!

But don’t worry – we are still here – and you’ll join us via audio-video link, from wherever you are in the world, and we’ll be opening the same bottles and tasting the same wines together – just as we would be doing if you were here right now.

Six different wines – including four Rosés, a White and a Red from two of the very best vineyards in Côtes de Provence. Medal winners, organic, Cru Classé – no expense has been spared…

In the days prior to your Virtual Wine Tour, you’ll receive everything you need, delivered right to your door. A “Wine-Tour-in-a-Box” in fact. And not just the wine …. lots of other goodies too!

On the day itself – set yourself up at home with family or friends, get out your best wine glasses, and turn on your connected TV/Computer/Tablet, making sure you’ve got a half decent internet connection of course. If your internet connection is good enough to watch Netflix or the BBC – then it is good enough to come to Provence, virtually that is… Then click the link to Lifesize that we’ll have sent you – and join us in our Virtual Tasting room – live from Provence...

It’s as simple as ABC... 123... Red – White - Rosé

Provence in your living room – you just supply the glasses... we’ll supply everything else!

two hours

How does it work?

1. You select and reserve your Virtual Wine Tour

2. We dispatch your “Wine-Tour-in-a-Box” (either 6 or 12 bottle format) using our specialist wine shipping service, Planet Aura – which will be delivered to your door via UPS or DHL, in special packaging designed for wine transport. Shipping is all included, rapid (normally delivered in 4 to 7 days) and fully insured.

3. Upon receipt of your WTBox, you can then confirm, or select, your desired time and date for your Virtual Wine Tour via our website. This can be for any available time slot, from a couple of days after your wine has been safely delivered – meanwhile, slip the bottles of Rosé and White in to your fridge in preparation...

4. In your Wine-Tour-In-A-Box you’ll also find lots of goodies – including a quality “sommeliers friend” corkscrew, some local olives, herbs de Provence - together with tasting notes, maps, brochures, a tasting guide, and all sorts other useful information about Provence to get you in the mood.

5. You’ll also find a booklet that we have specially prepared, of recipes for local nibbles and provençal dishes, in order to inspire you to prepare some nice things that can be served as an “Apéro” for your party during the Virtual Tour – but if you have no time – then some bread sticks, nuts and crisps are fine too! You can always pop down to your local garden centre or market and buy some lavender plants – basil – thyme, etc to add to the ambiance. Your imagination is the only limitation!

6. Prior to the day itself – set yourself up at home with your TV/Computer/Tablet in the room where you’re going to host the party and make sure you’ve got a half decent, stable internet connection (WiFi or 4G – with minimum speed of 2 or 3 mbps), that your speakers, microphone and camera are all properly working and connected. Check that distracting lighting and sound from elsewhere can be kept to a minimum, and that all your guests will be sitting comfortably and able to see and hear – in order to get the best out of our time together….. Also think about where you will have the wine, in order to serve it easily during the tour…… It is the little touches that make all the difference – plenty of water, extra glasses, paper towels for the odd spill – you know the story...

7. On the Day – together with your group of family, friends or colleagues – you, the Host will be opening the bottles at your end, and pouring the wines, in synch with us on the screen – then you can sit back and relax and enjoy your Virtual Tour...

8. We provide the tour and a mini masterclass on wine tasting and an introduction to Provence wines, live and in real-time, via the Lifesize video link. As we walk you through a tutored tasting of the six wines ... we’ll be narrating the stories behind the wines and the vineyards, all supported by own original, high definition videos.

After your tour – do send us some photos of your party in full swing! We’ll give you links to be able to order more of any of the wines that you have enjoyed at a sensible price, and also a “virtual voucher” to use, should you decide come to Provence or the Côte d’Azur during the next 12 months, and join us in “Real Life” on one of our many different wine tours…. Bon Voyage!

two hours


Price : from €60 inc. VAT / pers.

two hours

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